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F1 2019

Patch 1.12  6GB do pobrania

F1® 2019 – Patch Notes

F1® 2019 PATCH NOTES – v1.12

Patch 1.12 is now out on all platforms. You may notice that this is patch 1.12 – we’ve combined patch 1.11 with patch 1.12, so that we can give you as many fixes as we possible and to ensure that the F2 2019 content is the best that it can be before you take to the track.

  • F2 2019 Season added
  • 2019 McLaren updated to Monza livery
  • Various texture fixes for 2019 McLaren and Ferrari cars
  • AI rebalanced in wet conditions
  • Addressed a crash occurring after Q3 within leagues
  • Ability to disable voting in private leagues has been added
  • Fanatec DD1 wheel base is now recognised on PS4
  • Addressed an issue where the Reach Level 50 achievement would not unlock for some users
  • Various Ranked Skill rating improvements
  • Various other fixes and stability improvements

6,3 GB 🙁

Ciśń tam ich. Team mate chyba mocny z tego co kojarze.